Delivery & Refund Policy

We seal all our trays properly but human errors or transportation errors may happen, so we hope that a little spill won’t hurt. We strive to make sure that orders will be delivered at the expected time and in the best condition possible.

Refunds are processed within 48 to 60 hours for payment validation in our bank account and is subject to 8% service and processing fee.

We do accept refunds or replacement subject to justifiable conditions. Refunds are processed within 48 to 36 banking hours for payment validation in our bank account.

For our packages, we encourage at least (1) one-day lead time to prepare. These orders may be placed in advance especially during weekends or anticipated holidays where slots are most likely filled up.

For any comments, suggestions or feedback, you may give us a call using our hotline (02) 8522 9268, or our mobile number, 09565087588 between 7AM-6PM, from Monday to Sunday, and let us know how we can better serve you.

Dessert Tubs

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