Our Story

Three years after the pandemic’s grip loosened, a remarkable transformation has taken place. What once began as a humble venture in a makeshift kitchen has now evolved into a burgeoning culinary empire known as Illo’s Group Incorporated. This journey of redemption has not only led the company to growth, but also to a profound redefinition of its purpose.


Nurturing a Vision:

With unwavering commitment and ingenuity, Illo’s Group Incorporated has grown to encompass a spectrum of culinary experiences. Each brand reflects their passion for food, celebration, and the values they hold dear.


  • Illo’s Party Trays: This is the foundation of their redemption journey, offering gourmet party trays for delivery that encapsulate the essence of heartfelt celebrations.


  • Illo’s Home: A dining experience that brings familiar yet gourmet flavors, redefining the concept of casual dining.


  • Illo’s Home Buffet: Elevating the buffet experience with a touch of elegance and a diverse array of culinary delights.


  • Privè: Catering to those seeking premium experiences, Privè offers private dining and bespoke catering services for the most discerning tastes.


  • Patisserie: Their cakes and pastries become symbols of joy and indulgence, crafted with the same care that drives their story.


  • 1998 Roofdeck Lounge: The latest jewel in their crown, a vibrant 90’s-themed haven that transcends the mere enjoyment of unlimited BBQ and beer. Here, it’s all about crafting stories, forging memories, and celebrating the cherished relationships that shape their lives.


A Family of Values:


Illo’s Group Incorporated is not just about business; it reflects the values they hold close to their hearts. Their experiences have taught them the importance of kindness, gratitude, faith, and good intentions. These guiding principles illuminate each pivotal choice they make, whether on a personal or corporate scale.


Their enterprise is not just about food; it has become a platform for bringing people together, creating meaningful experiences, and fortifying familial connections. Their commitment to their employees is a testament to their belief in fostering a supportive and empowering workplace. At every turn, they demonstrate that a successful business can thrive while upholding compassion and integrity.


A Legacy of Redemption:


Their past scars underwent a profound metamorphosis, emerging as powerful symbols of strength and resilience. Their redemptive journey not only rewrote their destinies but also ignited hope for countless others, encouraging them to persevere, nurture self-belief, and steadfastly chase the light at the end of their own tunnels.


Illo’s Group Incorporated had transcended its role as a mere business; it has evolved into a symbol of hope, a living testament to the transformative power of love, faith, and unwavering determination. Through the myriad of highs and lows, the unpredictable twists and turns, this remarkable journey proves that redemption is not a distant fantasy; but a tangible reality, woven from the threads of unyielding perseverance, boundless compassion, and a steadfast commitment to a shared vision. Their enduring legacy will eternally serve as a reminder that even in the bleakest of moments, the spark of redemption can illuminate the path forward, empowering each of us to rewrite the narratives of our own stars.


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