ILLO’S Home Buffet opened its 4th branch

Part of the Illo’s Group, Illo’s Home Buffet lives up to its name by serving scrumptious dishes in a cozy, homey setting.

Chef N said he faced several failures when he entered the restaurant industry.

Illo’s Party Trays: A Tale of Resilience and Celebration

A Team Effort: Good Business Lies At The Heart Of This Food Group

"Chef N" Savor the Awards Night @RisingTigersMagazine

Taking Risks, Serving Quality, and Sharing Successes Are Illo’s Group’s Winning Recipe to Building a Legacy


In Good Taste: Maq Agapito Dishes About His Off-Beat Path to Illo’s Group

From a nine to five to acquiring a taste of the unconventional, the young COO of Illo’s Group already knows where his own journey to gourmet food will take them

Nothing beats the feeling of home even when you’re eating out

From a simple home food tray business to a classic dining restaurant in the south, entrepreneur and chef Nino Rovillos, otherwise known as Chef N, penetrates the culinary scene with his food concept Illo’s Home.

Illo's Home Buffet opens in Makati

The third restaurant branch called Illo’s Home Buffet in Makati opens.

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Experience new kinds of good food from Illo’s.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — From party trays to two dine-in restaurants, Illo’s by Chef N has reflected success by offering only the best and finest cuisines to its customers, from its best sellers like the Paella Valenciana…

DZXL Kasama mo (30 May 2022).

The 15-Day Restaurant: Chef N Opens His First Dine-In Concept, Illo’s Home, With New Flavors and Feels.

Two years after the successful entry of Chef N’s ghost kitchen business, Illo’s Party Trays, in the food market, the culinary explorer enters another exciting venture built in a mere 15 days

Illo’s Home is The First Dine-In Concept by Chef N That Celebrates New Life and Flavors.

Chef N has garnered success with his ghost kitchen business, Illo’s Party Trays. Now, the culinary explorer ventures into the dining scene with Illo’s Home, which he only built in 15 days.

Sakto | Teleradyo (22 March 2022).

Ghost kitchen opens first physical store, launches new dishes.

MANILA, Philippines — From ghost kitchen or delivery-only restaurant, Illo’s opened their first physical store in BF Homes, Paranaque.

Ghost Month: Pandemic gives rise to ‘ghost kitchens

A ghost kitchen, also known as a delivery-only restaurant, has become one of the most sought-after food trends during the pandemic.

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TV Patrol’s Segment with Ms. Winnie Cordero.

6 Party Trays to Try for Your Christmas 2021 Celebrations​

Thinking of ordering party trays this Christmas? Check out these options!

Inay ko po (Dec 2021).

Featured Video From TINDAHAN ni Tarsee: Takes us to Illo’s Party Tray in Parañaque City.

Featured Video From Kitchen 143: Holiday gatherings

How party fare became this couple’s redemption.​

For chef N and Anne Rovillos, the nth time’s the charm. The couple created several food ventures in the past—catering, a pizza station, a bar and grill and a restaurant

Celebrate Everyday: Illo’s Party Platters Can Complete Your Holiday Festivities At Home​

Dining at home has never been more celebrated since the pandemic began. Fortunately, even if you’re not a kitchen whiz, there are many places you can order delicious and comforting cuisine delivered straight to your doorstep.

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2nd DZXL 558 Manila Interview​

Pandemic food innovations​

The story of Illo’s is a good case study for this. I found out that the business owners, husband and wife tandem of chef N and Anne, have also dabbled in real estate industry but with not much success in the long run.

ABS CBN Teleradyo Interview​

Net 25 Pambansang almusal Interview

DZXL 558 Manila Interview​

Chef N Rovillos finds food business success this pandemic with ghost kitchen​

In our pre-pandemic time, food already had a significant role in our lives.It kept us strong, gave us energy, and fueled us to push through any obstacles we face every day. But during the onset of the pandemic, food gained a new purpose in our lives.

Food picks: Shrimps, sangria, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes​

Looking for your next local food business to order from? Whether you’re splurging on a savory feast this weekend or giving into a sugary craving.

The Party Tray King Has Finally Emerged From the Shadows​

rowing up, Nino Rovillos, now more commonly known as Chef N, was a very creative and whimsical kid.

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Anne and Chef N Rovillos are no strangers to tasting the bitterness of rejection and disappointment. After what the past year has done to us.

The Reality Of Ghost Kitchens: How This Start-Up Is Taking The Party Tray Business By Storm

Anne and Chef N Rovillos are no strangers to tasting the bitterness of rejection and disappointment. After what the past year has done to us.

4 Party Trays for the Best Mother’s Day Family Celebration

When you think of homecooked food, you remember nanay and all her wonderful recipes. Every time there was a birthday or celebration, she would cook you your favorite food.

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